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Dealing With Emergency Roofing Repairs During Winter

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Roofs are the main thing keeping you separated from the elements in your house. They keep the rains and snow off our heads year after year. Unfortunately, whatever material you use for your roof, they are no match for an inevitable natural disaster. In those cases, you may have to deal with some emergency repairs for your roof so you can get through winter while keeping your family safe.

Single Damage

Extreme winter weather can cause shingles to break off or blow away, thereby exposing the hidden layers under them. This can also ruin the flashing and tear off deteriorating gutters.

Attic Condensation

This occurs when the warm air inside the house mixes with the cold air outside the house. If your house is not properly insulated, hot air leaks out which makes the HVAC unit work overtime, and you may get exorbitant amounts of heating bills.

Ice Dams

Fluctuations in temperature can cause ice dams to form on your roof. These dams create blockages on the gutter putting pressure on your roof and may cause cracks or leaks.

A good way to avoid such repairs is to check up on your roof before every winter and get it fixed if you find any. Some ways to avoid emergency repairs are:


Check your gutters. Autumn leaves look great, but they can be harmful to the health of your roof. The foliage gets stuck in the gutters and clogs a house’s drainage system. Twigs, needles, and other debris prevent the gutter from doing its job of siphoning water off the roof. These blocked gutters are a huge problem once winter rolls in as they don’t effectively dispose of melting snow causing water to pool up on your roof which may result in leaks.

You should also check if your gutters are properly fastened on the side of your house. Loose gutters can also lead to leaks that could let water in through your walls and could lead to costly repairs if left unfixed.


A damaged roof during winter can complicate your life in many ways and could set you back by a couple of thousand bucks in the process. Water can collect and drip through cracks. Debris can pile up, straining the roof. Although cosmetic damages can be detected by a simple inspection, it is best to get it done by professionals so you can go through winter worry-free. Scheduling roof maintenance visits with a respected roofing company can take off that stress from your hands.

If unfortunately, your roof gets damaged during heavy snowfall, the first thing to do is to move your family out of harm’s way. There is always a fear of the roof caving in depending on the damages and you don’t want your family in the way when that happens. Then try to restrict the power supply to the affected area. This prevents accidents such as fire. The most important thing to keep in mind is to not attempt any repair on your own. Call a professional company to help you do the job well and do it right.

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