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In this case study, we delve into the story of Kathryn, a homeowner in need of a roof replacement. We will explore the challenges she faced, her reasons for choosing us, how we responded to her needs, and the outstanding results achieved through our diligent workmanship.

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Kathryn approached us with a pressing issue—a deteriorating asphalt shingle roof that demanded immediate attention. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, we embarked on a mission to revitalize her home. Kathryn had previously engaged with various contractors, but our expertise was sought after as a result of a recommendation from a local contractor.

The Challenge

Kathryn’s primary challenge was the imminent threat of fall weather compromising the integrity of her aging roof. She needed a reliable and efficient team to replace the roof promptly, ensuring her home’s protection against potential damage.

Why The Client Chose Us?

Kathryn chose us due to a local contractor’s high praise for our services. Our reputation for delivering exceptional results, coupled with the competitive pricing we offered, instilled confidence in Kathryn’s decision. Our commitment to completing the extensive scope of work, aligned with her requirements, solidified the choice to entrust her roofing project to us.

How We Responded?

We quickly got in touch with Kathryn and carefully examined what her roof needed. We promptly came up with a detailed plan to replace her old roof made of asphalt shingles, making sure to cover all the important aspects. Our team was very careful when removing and getting rid of the old roofing materials. To make her roof stronger and more resistant to ice and water, we expertly applied a special product called Arctic Seal®️ Ice and Water Barrier. This peel and stick material was placed along the edges and valleys of the roof. We also added Malarkey Secure Start®️ Plus Synthetic Underlayment and Malarkey Vista®️ AR Shingles to further strengthen the roof. These were chosen because they are known for their high quality and ability to last a long time. Additionally, we installed Malarkey EZ-Ridge™️ hip & ridge accessories, durable 26 gauge W metal flashings, new vents for the attic, 5-inch B-Vents with collars, goose necks, lead plumbing flashings, and diverters on all the sides of the roof. We took great care to fix any issues with the fascia boards on the four sides of the roof, making sure they looked seamless by painting them with two coats of matching paint. Lastly, we skillfully replaced the metal flashings around the six skylights, paying attention to every small detail.

The Results?

The culmination of our efforts is a resounding success. Kathryn now enjoys a brand new, robust roof that will effectively shield her home from the upcoming fall and winter seasons. With our meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, we have given Kathryn peace of mind, knowing that her investment has safeguarded her home for years to come.