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This study showcases how we addressed Sue’s roofing challenges – a dormer with improper materials and a sloped-flat roof combination.

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Sue had been grappling with a dormer roof that was roofed with improper materials. The dormer had a sloped roof with a 3% slope, while the section in front was flat and roofed with shingles. Seeking expert assistance, Sue contacted Vantage Roofing Ltd to rectify the situation.

The Challenge

The main challenge in this project was twofold: rectifying the incorrect roofing materials on the dormer and addressing the sloped and flat roof combination to ensure proper protection against leaks and potential damage.

Why The Client Chose Us?

Sue chose us for their expertise and proven track record in handling similar projects. Our portfolio of past projects, accompanied by pictures of completed work, instilled complete trust in their capabilities.

How We Responded?

To address the dormer’s roofing issue, we opted for a 2 ply torch on system on the dormer roof. As the area in front of the dormer could not be exposed to open flame, we employed fully bonded EPDM rubber to guarantee effective waterproofing.

The Results?

The results were nothing short of remarkable. Not only was the dormer roof leakage resolved, but the entire roofing system now boasts an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The combination of torch on system and EPDM rubber ensured a durable and waterproof solution for Sue’s dormer.