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Delivering a Comprehensive Roofing Solution to Address Leaks and Enhance Durability

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In this case study, we will explore how we swiftly and effectively addressed the roofing concerns of Caroline. Caroline was grappling with persistent leaks in her five-year-old green roof, and she sought a reliable solution to mitigate the damage and enhance the roof’s durability. We will discuss the project background, the challenges faced, why Caroline chose us, how we responded, and the remarkable results achieved through our expertise.

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Caroline discovered a continuous water leakage issue in her five-year-old green roof and suspected it could be related to gutter problems. Additionally, she wanted to install a metal roof over an asphalt awning and have new guttering installed. Seeking professional assistance, Caroline reached out to us.

The Challenge

Caroline faced the challenge of identifying the source of the persistent roof leaks and finding a comprehensive solution to address the issues. Furthermore, she needed a trustworthy roofing contractor who could tackle the complexities of her project and ensure a long-lasting, leak-free roof.

Why The Client Chose Us?

Caroline chose us due to our extensive experience and profound knowledge in the roofing industry. Having heard about our exceptional reputation, Caroline trusted their expertise to accurately assess her roof, devise a comprehensive plan, and execute the necessary repairs and installations.

How We Responded?

Understanding the urgency and complexity of Caroline’s roofing needs, we promptly inspected the roof to identify the source of the leaks. With our expertise, we developed a comprehensive plan to address all the issues. Our solution included carefully removing the layers of green roof materials, installing a slope package, torching protective layers, applying new flashing, and installing a metal roof on the awning. We ensured that every aspect of the project was meticulously executed to deliver a reliable and durable roofing system.

The Results?

Caroline now enjoys the benefits of a brand new torch-on roof that no longer leaks. Our expertise and attention to detail have provided Caroline with a robust and long-lasting roofing solution. The meticulous removal of the green roof materials, the installation of a slope package, and the precise torching of protective layers ensured that water would no longer penetrate the roof. Furthermore, the installation of the metal roof on the awning, along with new flashing and gutters, enhanced the overall durability and aesthetic appeal of the property.