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Prioritizing Protection and Budget for Community-driven Initiatives

27336 Fraser Highway Langley Township, BC V4W 3N5

In this case study, Vantage Roofing Ltd. collaborates with a non-profit, swiftly transitioning from an old metal roof to durable Malarkey Vista shingles.

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The organization’s building was equipped with an aged metal roof, which, with time and wear, became a potential threat to the safety and sanctity of the interior. As fall approached, the urgency to replace this roof and prevent any possible damage became paramount.

The Challenge

The impending fall weather presented a dual challenge: first, to swiftly replace the aging metal roof, and second, to ensure that the new roofing would stand the test of time, protecting the organization’s headquarters against future elements.

Why The Client Chose Us?

Trust is built on recommendations. Clark and the non-profit placed their trust in Vantage Roofing Ltd. based on a glowing recommendation from a building company they collaborated with. Their belief wasn’t just in our skills, but in our ability to deliver on our promises.

How We Responded?

Understanding the financial constraints typical of non-profit entities, Vantage Roofing Ltd. developed a cost-effective plan tailored to the organization’s needs. We replaced the old metal roof with high-quality Malarkey Vista asphalt shingles and installed advanced 36-inch EPDM rubber gutters, ensuring a watertight seal on all essential points.

The Results?

Thanks to timely execution and meticulous attention to detail, the non-profit now boasts a resilient and aesthetically pleasing roof. This new shield not only enhances the building’s visual appeal but promises to guard the organization’s headquarters and its noble missions for years to come.