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In this case study, we explore how Colleen’s urgent roofing issues, including deteriorating shingles, improper bathroom venting, and an aging skylight, were expertly addressed by Vantage Roofing Ltd.

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Colleen, the homeowner, contacted Vantage Roofing Ltd with a pressing issue. Her roof was well beyond its lifespan, with deteriorating shingles and exposed plywood. This condition not only compromised the structural integrity of her home but also invited potential water damage. In addition to the roofing concerns, the bathroom exhaust vent was improperly directed into the soffit, posing a risk of mold growth within the attic. Furthermore, the skylight had reached the end of its life and required re-flashing to prevent leaks.

The Challenge

The challenges facing Colleen were multifaceted. The deteriorating roof and skylight presented immediate threats to her home’s integrity. Water ingress through the exposed plywood was a clear danger, while the bathroom vent issue had the potential to create a mold problem in her attic. Colleen needed a reliable solution to address these issues comprehensively and ensure the safety and longevity of her home.

Why The Client Chose Us?

Colleen’s decision to choose Vantage Roofing Ltd as her roofing and skylight replacement provider was grounded in our impeccable reputation and expertise within the industry. We stood out for our commitment to thorough and transparent assessments. Our initial evaluation left no room for doubt, as we clearly communicated the extent of the roofing problems and outlined a comprehensive plan to rectify them.

How We Responded?

Our response to Colleen’s roofing and skylight challenges was a multi-step process designed to ensure her complete satisfaction and the long-term integrity of her home. We initiated the project by conducting an in-person assessment, meticulously documenting the issues with photographs and detailed notes. With this assessment as our guide, we formulated a comprehensive plan to address the roofing and skylight issues as well as the problematic bathroom venting.

The Results?

The successful completion of this project has transformed Colleen’s home into a secure haven. The old and compromised roof has been replaced with a sturdy and reliable one, safeguarding her home from external elements and water ingress. The skylight, re-flashed and rejuvenated, now brings natural light into her living space without any worry of leaks. Additionally, we corrected the bathroom venting issue, ensuring that it now properly exhausts to the roof, mitigating the risk of attic mold growth.