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A Case Study on the Installation of a Unique Shingle Roof for a High-End Home

3056 184 Street, Surrey, BC V3S 9V2

In this case study, Vantage Roofing Ltd skillfully executes Wisam and Hisham’s vision for a luxurious residence, installing CertainTeed Highland Slate shingles and bespoke roofing elements to enhance its grandeur.

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Wisam and his brother Hisham embarked on constructing a luxurious residence, desiring a roof that would not only complement but enhance the property’s overall grandeur. Their choice fell on the CertainTeed Highland Slate shingles, known for their aesthetic appeal and durability. Vantage Roofing Ltd was brought on board to realize this vision, tasked with installing a new shingle roof, a two-ply torch-on system for the flat roofs, custom skylights, and EPDM rubber gutters.

The Challenge

The primary opportunity in this project was to create a roof that would embody luxury and reliability, ensuring the property would stand out in a collection of high-end homes. The challenge was to execute this vision to perfection, aligning with the luxurious standards expected in such a prestigious build.

Why The Client Chose Us?

Wisam and Hisham chose Vantage Roofing Ltd for our well-established reputation, extensive knowledge, and skill in high-end roofing solutions. Our certification by CertainTeed as an authorized installer of their shingle products further cemented their decision, trusting us to deliver a roof that met their high expectations.

How We Responded?

Vantage Roofing Ltd responded to this challenge by meticulously planning and executing the roofing installation. Our team worked efficiently to complete all roofing work before adverse weather conditions could set in, allowing the builders to continue with their project without delay.

The Results?

The result of this collaboration was a stunning and reliable new roof that truly sets the property apart in its neighborhood of high-end homes. The CertainTeed Highland Slate shingles provided the luxury and distinctiveness the builders sought, while the additional installations of the torch-on system, skylights, and rubber gutters added functionality and finesse. This project not only met the client’s expectations but also showcased Vantage Roofing Ltd’s capability to deliver exceptional, bespoke roofing solutions in the luxury home market.