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This case study explores how we successfully replaced Michael’s aging cedar shake roof with a modern and economical asphalt shingle roof. We will delve into the project background, the challenges faced by the customer, the reasons behind their choice of our services, our responsive approach, and the outstanding results achieved through our work.

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Michael had a 25-year-old cedar shake roof that required replacement before any potential leaking occurred. Seeking to proactively address this issue, Michael decided to convert from cedar shakes to asphalt shingles, a more budget-friendly and trendy roofing option. Thus, he approached us for a comprehensive re-roofing project.

The Challenge

The challenge for Michael was two-fold. Firstly, he needed to replace his aging cedar shake roof to avoid potential leaks and further damage. Secondly, he aimed to transition to asphalt shingles, requiring the expertise of a reputable roofing company capable of delivering a seamless and efficient conversion.

Why The Client Chose Us?

Michael selected us due to our exceptional reputation and track record in the roofing industry. Recognizing the need for prompt action, Michael chose our company to ensure a high-quality replacement for his cedar shake roof. Our competitive pricing, expertise in asphalt shingle installations, and ability to complete the project within his desired timeline were key factors in his decision.

How We Responded?

At Vantage Roofing, we promptly responded to Michael’s roofing needs by installing a brand new Malarkey Vista asphalt shingle roof. We ensured a smooth transition from cedar shakes to asphalt shingles, offering enhanced durability and a modern aesthetic. Our team completed the project in a timely manner, prioritizing quality workmanship, competitive pricing, and open communication with the customer.

The Results?

As a result of our responsive approach and meticulous attention to detail, Michael now enjoys a beautiful and long-lasting Malarkey Vista asphalt shingle roof. The installation of Malarkey Secure Start® Plus Synthetic Underlayment, Malarkey Ice & Water barrier, and Malarkey EZ-Ridge™ hip & ridge accessory has provided superior protection against the elements. Additionally, the inclusion of new plumbing flashings, B-Vents, attic vents, and goose necks ensures improved ventilation and functionality for Michael’s home.