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Rescuing Liana Mah's Home from Potential Damage and Floods

7241 Dumfries Street, Vancouver, BC V5P 3C3

This study showcases how we addressed Liana Mah’s incomplete roofing, fixing the unfinished row near the drain, and preventing potential rainwater damage to her home.

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Liana had her roof redone a few years ago, only to discover that the final, crucial row leading to the drain was left incomplete. With the initial business unresponsive and bearing a history of unsatisfied customers, Liana was left with a pressing concern: every time it rained, water ran down her house, increasing the risk of flooding and damage.

The Challenge

Liana’s exposed roof was a ticking time bomb. Each bout of rain or snow risked water seeping into the plywood, which could lead to rot, water ingress, and potential interior home damage. With winter approaching, this presented an immediate challenge that needed a swift solution.

Why The Client Chose Us?

Our stellar reputation on the Better Business Bureau, marked by an A Rating, gave Liana the confidence she was looking for. Beyond our skills, it was the promise of trustworthiness and reliability that led her to choose us.

How We Responded?

Time was of the essence. Without delay, we arrived at Liana’s residence, assessed the extent of the issue, and formulated a comprehensive plan. Keeping Liana informed at every step, we embarked on a mission to rectify the previous business’s oversight, ensuring her home was ready to brave the elements once again.

The Results?

As the leaves turned and fall settled in, Liana no longer had to worry about the rain. Her roof, once a source of anxiety, now stood as a shield against the weather. A properly finished roof means that Liana’s family home is now fully equipped to face the snow and rain, and more importantly, she’s regained trust in the industry.