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Revitalizing Izzah's Home: Perfecting Roofing and Gutters for Maximum Protection

11414 Lyon Road, Delta, BC V4E 2K2

In this case study, we’ll explore repairing Izzah’s deteriorating roof and improperly installed EPDM rubber gutters.

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Nestled in a quiet neighborhood, Izzah’s house had faced the ravages of time. With its asphalt roofing deteriorating and its EPDM rubber gutters improperly installed, the home was vulnerable. It wasn’t just about replacing these elements; it was about ensuring they were installed to perfection to provide maximum protection and longevity.

The Challenge

While replacing the shingles might be standard procedure for many contractors, Izzah’s project presented an added layer of complexity: the EPDM rubber gutters. The previous installment of these gutters had been inadequate, thus diminishing the roof’s life. This time around, the gutters needed to be laid out with precision, fully bonded, and made ready to withstand the elements, ensuring the safety and durability of the home.

Why The Client Chose Us?

The selection process was crucial. Izzah required a contractor adept at both shingling and installing EPDM rubber gutters. Vantage, with its proven track record and expertise, was the ideal fit for this dual challenge.

How We Responded?

Izzah’s testimony says it all: “Super professional and friendly! Great price. Showed up on time every day. Cleaned up all the debris left behind. Roof looks great. Underlay looked great. Completed in a timely manner. Very easy to deal with. Hardeep was excellent to speak to, and Don and the senior roofers are great as well.” From our punctual arrivals to our meticulous clean-up, every step we took was focused on ensuring customer satisfaction and a job well done.

The Results?

Izzah’s home now stands out with its impeccable roofing and expertly installed EPDM rubber gutters. With each element placed to perfection, the house is not only safeguarded from the elements but also set to enjoy an extended roof lifespan. The project stands as a testament to Vantage’s commitment to quality, expertise, and customer satisfaction.