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Revamping an aging infrastructure, one roof at a time

2073 156A Street, Surrey, BC V4A 6S4

This study showcases how we addressed Sherry’s roofing concerns, rectifying leaks and erosion around her chimney.

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Sherry’s house, standing tall for the last two decades, had weathered many storms. But time, as it often does, had left marks on the infrastructure. The roof, being one of the most integral parts of a house, was under strain, showing signs of erosion and other damages.

The Challenge

Upon our inspection, we identified exposed fiberglass patches on the roof, a telltale sign of eroding asphalt and falling granules. More alarmingly, the chimney cap’s faulty installation added to the list of significant repairs required. The presence of two skylights, though aesthetically pleasing, posed additional challenges given their current state.

Why The Client Chose Us?

Amidst numerous options, Sherry chose us, entrusting her precious home into our hands. Our comprehensive assessment stood out. Our team leader, Don’s, vast knowledge about roofing provided a reassurance. But what sealed the deal was our proactive approach and promise to not only replace the roof but to ensure that such issues do not recur.

How We Responded?

Embracing the challenge head-on, our team swung into action. We prioritized tasks, starting with removing the old roof. Our comprehensive re-roofing strategy involved:

  • Replacing the aged roof with modern, resilient materials
  • Incorporating a High-Performance 30lb Synthetic Underlayment
  • Installing state-of-the-art IKO Cambridge Shingles
  • Ensuring each corner, from chimneys to skylights, was perfectly flashed and secured

In addition, we provided:

  • New attic vents for better ventilation
  • Advanced 5-inch B-Vents with collar
  • Premium lead plumbing flashings
  • And many more features to ensure longevity and aesthetics

The Results?

At the culmination of our project, Sherry’s house stood as a testament to our dedication and expertise. She now enjoys a leak-proof roof, and the chimney stands tall, properly flashed and secured against any water ingress. Not only did we restore her roof, but we also revitalized her trust in quality craftsmanship.