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In this case study, we will explore how we effectively addressed the roofing needs of Scott, who sought to replace the roofs on his mother-in-law’s house and garage. We will discuss the project background, the challenges faced, why Scott chose us, how we responded, and the successful results achieved through our expertise.

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Scott contacted us for the replacement of the roofs on his mother-in-law’s house and garage. The existing roofs had reached the end of their lifespan, necessitating a thorough replacement to ensure the structural integrity and protection of the buildings. Seeking professional services, Scott chose us for our reputation and expertise in delivering high-quality roofing solutions.

The Challenge

The primary challenge faced in this project was to execute the replacement of the house and garage roofs seamlessly and efficiently. The roofs required different materials and techniques, and the project demanded meticulous attention to detail to ensure a reliable and long-lasting outcome.

Why The Client Chose Us?

Scott chose us based on a referral from a local contractor who recognized our proficiency in roofing services. The recommendation, combined with our strong reputation and proven track record, instilled confidence in Scott that we would deliver the desired results for his mother-in-law’s house and garage roofs.

How We Responded?

We responded by conducting a comprehensive assessment of both roofs, developing a detailed plan, and presenting it to Scott for approval.

For the house roof, we first cleaned and prepared the existing roof before adding two layers of a special material called torch-on. These layers, called IKO TorchflexTM TP-180-FF-Base and IKO TorchflexTM TP-250-Cap, help make the roof waterproof. We also replaced all the pipes, vents, and plumbing connections on the roof and added new coverings to the edges of the roof for extra protection.

For the garage roof, we removed the old shingles and gutters. We then put a strong, synthetic layer called high-performance 30lb synthetic underlayment on the roof. After that, we installed Malarkey Vista®️ AR Shingles, which were tough and designed to resist damage from the weather. They also added extra coverings to the top corners of the roof and used a special rubber material called EPDM to seal the gutters. Finally, they put new drains and coverings on the sides of the roof to make sure water doesn’t get in.

The Results?

The result of our expertise and meticulous workmanship is a brand new torch-on roof for the house and a fresh asphalt shingle roof for the garage. Scott’s mother-in-law now enjoys enhanced protection and durability for both structures. The installation of the 2-ply torch-on system ensures a robust, watertight seal for the house, while the Malarkey Vista®️ AR Shingles provide reliable weather protection and an appealing aesthetic for the garage. The careful installation of new flashings and drains further ensures long-term functionality and performance.