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Bringing Resilience and Longevity to Willem's Residence

4477 West 11th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6R 2M2

This study showcases how we addressed Willem’s garage roofing concerns, revitalizing the cap shingles and restoring the compromised EPDM membrane in the gutters.

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Willem’s garage, a vital part of his residence, had served him faithfully for years. While the shingles managed to hold their own against the test of time, there were noticeable concerns. The cap shingle began showing signs of distress, and the EPDM membrane of the gutters was compromised in multiple areas.

The Challenge

The garage’s roof and gutters needed substantial repairs. Although the shingles were still in reasonable condition, the cap shingle urgently required attention. Additionally, the existing EPDM membrane on the gutters, once a reliable solution, now posed a threat with its evident wear and tear.

Why The Client Chose Us?

Willem’s search for the right team led him to us. It wasn’t just our online presence that convinced him, but the trail of satisfied customers, comprehensive project galleries, and glowing reviews on our website that truly resonated with his needs.

How We Responded?

Upon Willem’s inquiry, we promptly scheduled a visit to his residence. After thorough inspection, our team charted a detailed roof replacement plan, ensuring that every corner, from shingles to gutters, would be addressed using the best materials and methods available.

The Results?

The end of our endeavor saw a transformed garage roof, gleaming under the protective layer of IKO Cambridge Shingles. The gutters, adorned with a freshly installed EPDM rubber, now stand prepared to face the challenges of nature. Willem can now enjoy the visual appeal and the reassurance that his garage will remain protected for years to come.