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Vantage Roofing Brings Lasting Protection to Gianpaolo Versace’s Home

4746 Garden Grove Drive, Burnaby, BC V5G 3V3

This study showcases how we addressed Gianpaolo Versace’s aging flat roof, which, after years of protection, showed visible leaks and needed either repair or replacement.

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A flat roof that spans across Gianpaolo’s kitchen and part of his living room had seen better days. After experiencing a leak years ago post a heavy snowfall, the roof hadn’t shown many other signs of distress. However, recognizing the importance of preemptive action, Gianpaolo knew it was time to either repair or replace his aging roof.

The Challenge

Visible leaks from yesteryears and the age of the roof posed a challenge. Gianpaolo was faced with an aging flat roof, which had succumbed to wear and tear over time, making it vulnerable to further damage.

Why The Client Chose Us?

Upon researching, Gianpaolo stumbled upon Vantage Roofing and was impressed with our online reputation and reviews. Don’s in-person inspection, detailed plan presentation, and comprehensive answers to Gianpaolo’s concerns solidified Vantage Roofing as his preferred contractor.

How We Responded?

With a clear vision, we proposed a tailored solution for Gianpaolo’s roof. Prioritizing longevity, we introduced a 2 Ply Torch On System, ensuring a sturdy roof structure. Along with this, we implemented various best practices, ensuring maximum lifespan for his roof, without causing disruption to existing structures like the stucco.

The Results?

Today, Gianpaolo enjoys peace of mind with a freshly installed roof that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of his home but also promises years of protection against the elements.