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In this case study, we explore how we addressed the urgent issue of Louise’s leaking roof that caused mold and structural damage, ensuring her home’s longevity before the rainy season.

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The homeowner, Louise, faced a pressing problem: a leaking roof that had led to internal mold and structural damage. With the rainy season approaching, the urgency to address these issues was paramount to prevent further deterioration and ensure the home’s longevity.

The Challenge

The primary challenge was to replace the compromised roofing system to halt any further water ingress and rectify the damage it had caused. This involved not only replacing the roof but also addressing inadequate venting that had contributed to the damage.

Why The Client Chose Us?

Louise chose our company for this critical repair based on our thorough assessment of the damage and our well-known reputation for high-quality workmanship and reliable roofing solutions. Our detailed proposal and proactive communication instilled confidence in our ability to manage and rectify her roofing issues effectively.

How We Responded?

Our response was swift and comprehensive:

  • We replaced the old, damaged roof with high-quality Malarkey Vista shingles, known for their durability and weather resistance.
  • We corrected the venting issue at no additional charge by rerouting the fan ducting to the west side of the house, away from the soffit. This area had previously facilitated moisture buildup and plywood rot, which we also remediated by replacing the damaged plywood.

The Results?

The project culminated in Louise having a completely revamped roofing system, which now offers robust protection against leaks. The improved venting system ensures that the risk of future mold and structural damage is significantly minimized, safeguarding the home’s integrity and the homeowner’s investment. Louise can now enjoy peace of mind, knowing her home is secure and well-protected against the elements.