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In this case study, Steve from Axis Management sought our help to reroof a townhouse carport, ensuring timely protection against potential leaks and vehicle damage.

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Steve, a property manager at Axis Management, reached out to us regarding a roofing project for a carport in one of the townhouse complexes he oversees. The existing roof required replacement to prevent potential leaks and subsequent damage to the vehicles housed beneath. Given the importance of maintaining the carport’s structural integrity, a timely and effective solution was essential.

The Challenge

The primary challenge for Axis Management was to have the carport roof replaced before any leaks or penetrations could occur, which would risk damaging the vehicles parked underneath. Ensuring the project was completed swiftly and efficiently was crucial to avoid any disruptions or potential losses.

Why The Client Chose Us?

Axis Management chose Vantage Roofing Ltd for this project due to our proven track record of delivering high-quality roofing solutions on past projects. Our reputation for completing projects on time and to the highest standards of quality made us the preferred choice for this important task.

How We Responded?

Upon receiving the project details, our team at Vantage Roofing Ltd quickly mobilized to assess the situation and determine the best course of action. We decided to reroof the carport using a Soprema 2 ply torch on system, known for its durability and long-lasting performance. Our skilled technicians worked diligently to install the new roofing system, ensuring every detail was meticulously handled to guarantee a flawless finish.

The Results?

The result of our efforts was a brand-new roof for the carport, providing reliable protection against the elements and safeguarding the vehicles parked underneath. The project was completed on time, and the quality of our workmanship left Axis Management highly satisfied. They can now rest assured that the carport’s roof will stand the test of time, thanks to the superior materials and expertise provided by Vantage Roofing Ltd.