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From Leaky Gutters to Long-Lasting Solutions

7426 138 Street, Unit 117, Surrey, BC V3W 6G4

In this case study, we delve into the challenges faced by Glencoe Estates NW-526, where a persistent issue of leaking gutters led to widespread deterioration of fascia boards across several units, underscoring the urgent need for expert intervention.

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Glencoe Estates NW-526, overseen by its dedicated strata council, was grappling with leaking gutters. The problem had escalated to the extent that numerous units within the complex had rotten fascia boards, a concern that demanded immediate attention.

The Challenge

Addressing a vast multi-unit site with deteriorating gutters and fascia boards was no small feat. The objective was to comprehensively assess the site, design an effective plan, and implement the required solutions, all within a limited timeframe before the onset of heavy rain.

Why The Client Chose Us?

For Glencoe Estates NW-526, choosing a roofing company was about more than just finding a service provider. It was about trust, experience, and reputation. Vantage Roofing Ltd, with its proven track record in managing multi-unit sites, became their choice. Our company’s solid references, renowned quality of work, and reputation solidified this decision.

How We Responded?

Upon being chosen, Vantage Roofing Ltd did not delay. We promptly visited the site for an in-depth assessment. Identifying the pain points, a comprehensive repair plan was devised and presented to the strata council. Following their approval, our team swiftly moved into action, addressing the gutter leaks and executing the necessary fascia repairs.

The Results?

As a result of Vantage Roofing Ltd’s intervention, Glencoe Estates NW-526 no longer faces the issue of leaking gutters. The new fascia boards, painted to align with the aesthetic of the existing building, not only provided a functional solution but also enhanced the overall appearance of the complex. The residents can now enjoy a renewed sense of security and pride in their residence.