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In this case study, we’ll explore fixing Daniel’s house extension leaks, including challenges, client choice, team response, and results.

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Daniel contacted us to address the leaks that had developed in the extension of his house. The extension had been added approximately 18 years ago, and the roofing materials had deteriorated over time, leading to water ingress and potential damage.

The Challenge

The main challenge of the project was to replace the roof on the extension and seamlessly integrate it with the existing roof of the house. The team had to ensure that the new roofing materials matched the house’s aesthetics and that the transition between the old and new sections was seamless.

Why The Client Chose Us?

Daniel chose us based on their extensive experience in similar projects. He recognized the need for a roofing company that possessed the necessary expertise and had a proven track record of delivering successful roof replacements. The reputation of our company gave Daniel confidence that his roofing needs would be met effectively.

How We Responded?

We conducted a thorough assessment of the roof to determine the necessary actions. Subsequently, we procured high-quality materials, specifically Landmark Hunter Green Shingles, carefully selected to align with the aesthetic of the existing roof. The project encompassed the removal and disposal of the previous roofing materials, followed by the installation of the robust High Performance 30lb Synthetic Underlayment for enhanced durability. Additionally, we incorporated the Landmark hip & ridge accessory to ensure proper sealing, installed new attic vents to optimize ventilation, and addressed any issues with the chimney area to mitigate potential leaks.

The Results?

The result of our efforts was a brand new roof on the extension of Daniel’s house that is now completely leak-free. The meticulous installation and attention to detail ensured a seamless integration between the extension and the existing roof. Daniel can now enjoy a secure and aesthetically pleasing roof that will provide reliable protection for years to come.