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Delivering a Leak-Free, Durable Roof and Gutter System for a Satisfied Customer

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In this case study, we will examine how we provided a comprehensive roofing solution for Mike, a customer with a leaking cedar roof and flat roof that needed replacement.

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Mike had an old cedar roof and a flat roof that were both leaking, and both needed to be replaced. In addition, Mike’s gutters and downpipes required replacement. As the roof for his Burnaby property had reached its life expectancy, it was crucial to find a reliable Burnaby roofing contractor to handle the project.

The Challenge

The primary challenge faced by Mike was the leaking roofs, which could cause significant damage to his home if not addressed in a timely manner. Additionally, Mike needed to find a reputable contractor who could provide a comprehensive solution that would not only replace the roofs but also the gutters and downpipes.

Why The Client Chose Us?

Mike found Vantage Roofing Ltd online and chose our company after reading our positive Google reviews and contacting our references. He appreciated the thorough assessment of his roof and the customized solution we provided to meet his unique needs.

How We Responded?

Vantage Roofing Ltd responded to Mike’s request within 24 hours with a phone call. We gathered information, conducted an assessment within a couple of days, and presented an estimate to Mike within two days of the assessment. We prioritized Mike’s project and completed the job within a couple of weeks from his initial inquiry.

The Results?

As a result of our prompt response and high-quality work, Mike now has a brand new, leak-free roof, gutters, and downpipes. The new roofing system not only resolves the leaks but also enhances the overall appearance and value of his home.