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Resolving a Leaking Roof Issue with Efficiency and Expertise

1528 Rita Place, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 2R5

This case study examines how we efficiently resolved Pey’s urgent roofing issues. Pey sought a reliable contractor to swiftly diagnose and fix their leaking roof. We delve into the project background, challenges faced, Pey’s trust in our expertise, our responsive approach, and successful outcomes achieved.

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Pey contacted us when they discovered a leaking roof in their home. Concerned about potential damage, they sought a professional roofing contractor to diagnose the issue and provide a reliable solution. With their trust in our expertise, Pey reached out to us for assistance.

The Challenge

The primary challenge Pey faced was a leaking roof, which not only posed a threat to their property but also required prompt attention to prevent further damage. They needed a roofing contractor who could efficiently diagnose the issue and provide a suitable fix.

Why The Client Chose Us?

Pey chose us for their project due to our reputation for experience and prompt service. They were impressed by our ability to quickly assess the issue and provide a solution. Our track record of customer satisfaction and efficiency played a significant role in their decision.

How We Responded?

Upon inspection, we identified that the roof had been installed incorrectly by a previous contractor. The shingles were placed directly over the ship lap deck, which was not the proper installation method. Additionally, a portion of the ship lap deck had come loose. To address the immediate concern within Pey’s budget constraints, we removed the shingles in the affected area, installed a temporary steel flashing, and replaced the shingles to ensure a temporary fix.

The Results?

While the permanent solution would involve removing all the shingles and installing a 3/8 plywood deck before re-installing the shingles, we provided Pey with an effective temporary fix that addressed the immediate issue. Our swift response and expertise allowed us to mitigate the leaking problem in the specific area, preventing further damage to the property. Pey was satisfied with our work, knowing that the long-term solution could be pursued when feasible.